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Your Home Library (or the stack of books by your bed)

Did you know April 4 – 10 is National Library Week?

I love the local libraries. We are so lucky to have such an amazing resource to access so many real books, audiobooks, digital books, publications, movies and music - just to name a few of the available products, not to mention all the incredible services. Some of the best days as a stay at home mom involved a trip to story time or arts and crafts time at our local King County Library ( The kids are grown but now I get books for my Kindle and Audiobooks to listen to during my commute, right from the library, not kidding * (sorry Amazon).

Do you love to read, or maybe just love pretty books? If you aren't into the public library maybe you have a home library of sorts. There are so many kinds of libraries – I guess that’s why the Library gets a whole week instead of just a day!

Consider all the books, videos, and CD’s of yester-year, before the Kindle, streaming and music subscriptions. Do you remember Block Buster? I bet you do! I just watched "The Last Blockbuster" documentary on Netflix – it was pretty fascinating.

We actually have a VHS library at our cabin! When they started selling – we started buying! It's just a little tricky to keep the VHS machine in working order!

(We are old school and still have paper books at home too!)

But even if you don’t have a space under your stairs to house so many movies from the 1980’s and 90’s you probably have a bookcase, nightstand, or cocktail table that serves as a library for your publication and book collection at home.

I admit it, I have a stack of books waiting their turn on my nightstand. I'm positive I could find a better way for them to make my house look more like a home. I went on a hunt of our manufacturer's image libraries. There were so many good ones, I found these pieces and thought they would make excellent home libraries.

Above Vanguard Bennet Sectional and Fitz Radiused Console (2)

This curved piece could serve as a library, and a room divider - it just happens to be really good looking and smart too - Bonus!

I can easily imagine snuggling up under a lovely duvet and spending a few quiet hours reading from a stack on my nightstand.

Above: Vanguard Furniture Pennington King Bed and Tennyson Drawer Chest

I hope you enjoy, and consider a space to have your favorite cup of tea, stack of books and comfortable chair to read, relax and hopefully escape for a little while.

Above: Century Furniture - Archive Etagere

*If you need tips on using the King County Library System to get your Kindle books and audiobooks - let me know, just comment and I will share what I know.

Oh and always – Be Kind – Please Rewind!

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